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Im September 2006 erreichte uns die nachstehende Original-email einer engagierten Tiersch├╝tzerin in Serbian.
...es ist einfach unfassbar, wozu "Menschen" - egal aus welchen Land - f├Ąhig sind !

SOS f├╝r Strassentiere in Serbien!
Hilferuf aus Serbien!

After they kill dogs, they put them on garbich. This are photos from 20th Sept. 2006 in town Smederevo. Before they kill this dogs, the dogs was cruelt in very small places to larger than 1,5 x 1,5 meters, were 30 dogs, without food and without water, and then go killing with T61 in the best case, but often killing go by Nuvan, Kreozan-poisons or with mallet. This are pictures of "New strategy for stray animals". Financial construction you knows: 90% for killing, 10% for sterilization, and the same dogs may be first sterilization and then kill, both for money of cities budget.

We very shame of this, but this is truth, this is animal life in Serbia and every day happend this mental aggression on us and this brutal killing of animals. This is dirty face of the Serbian authorities, who give nice but empty promisses and nothing, because they have allways much important job and never heard:
"What ever you do to help will be insignificant,
but it is very important that you do it" (Mahatma Gandhi).

We are grateful to Mrs Vesna Arsenovic, and Mrs. Andjelka Jovanovic, because she shot this horrible photographs in Smederevo city on 20th of September 2006.
Please help to the animals in Serbia. Here is horrible situation. They want to kill even dogs at the shelters (in Valjevo, in Subotica and more).

Please send your protest letter to the
Prime Ministre, Mr.Vojislav Kostunica e-mail: press@sr.gov.yu
Mayor of Subotica, Mr.Geza Kucera e-mail: mayor@subotica.co.yu
Mayor of Valjevo, e-mail: predsednik@valjevo.org.yu
and please copy to: e-mail: epar@yunord.net
because authorities can delete yours letters.

Thank You for your time and your attention to this very important and terrible situation in Serbia !
Slavica Mazak Beslic
Serbia, Subotica


Bitte senden Sie Ihren Protestbrief an folgende Email-Adressen:
Mit Bcc an: epar@yunord.net

Bitte Fotos mitsenden, damit die Schergen wissen, dass wir ├╝ber ihre Verbrechen an Tieren informiert sind.


Dear Sirs,
In the world wide web I learned about the terrible crueltys that happens to the animals in Serbia.
I am horror stricken by what I see and hear and feel deeply ashamed for the people responsible for this atrociousness.
I wish to put an immediate stop to the atrocious martyrdom and killing of street dogs in Serbia and implement a spay / neuter and release and / or adoption programme.

The photos above are from the 20th of September 2006 in Smederevo! ItÔÇÖs a big shame to treat animals that cruel! Before these poor dogs have been killed, they have been hold in very small cages, without water and food!
This big shame of Serbia happens every day!
This is NOT acceptable in ANY way in ANY kind of civilized society.
We foreward all the photos above, to show the world the dirty face of the Serbian authorities!

Please fulfill the basic needs of these sentient creatures. Serbia present tactics are inhumane and to condemn. Such behavior controverts a civilized society - this is pure middle ages - but we live in the year 2006!

Please notify me of your position

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